Vote in the A24 Showdown - Round 3

We sorted 64 of A24's most noteworthy titles into head-to-head match-ups for you to decide which one is their crowning achievement.

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No single match-up in Round 2 of the A24 Showdown came as close as Round 1’s De Palma vs. Morris from America, but that doesn’t mean there wasn’t any drama this time. The Florida ProjectMidsommar, and First Reformed all won their battles by a margin of 57% to 43% of the vote (defeating The Tragedy of MacbethGood Time, and C’mon C’mon, respectively), while Eighth Grade won the closest match-up — 56% to 44% — against Locke. The biggest victories went to Everything Everywhere All at Once, which won the battle of the longest titles against The Last Black Man in San Francisco with 90% of the vote, and Ex Machina, which defeated Lamb with 89% of the vote.

But Round 3 features a few key match-ups, like Midsommar vs. The Lighthouse and Ex Machina vs. Moonlight. It only gets more intense from here, so get those votes in now before polls close at 10pm PT on Monday, August 15, and let’s see who will move on to Round 4 of the A24 Showdown!

Round 3

Round 1 Results | Round 2 Results

Round 1 Results | Round 2 Results

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