What's Next for the "Borat" Boy?

by | October 26, 2006 | Comments

Those of you who are crossing your fingers for sequels to "Borat" or "Ali G Indahouse" might have to wait a little bit longer. There’s new buzz afoot that master comedian Sacha Baron Cohen is preparing his next flick — and it seems to involve an all-new character.

From IGN Movies & Variety: "Variety scoops that the new reality-based film will shoot next summer. The trade says that the flick will center around a "new character" Cohen is creating whose identity is a "closely guarded secret." Fans are speculating that it could be Cohen’s other alter ego, Bruno, a gay Austrian fashion show presenter.

Cohen will co-write the film and produce with Borat producer Jay Roach.

Borat is now expected to release on approximately 800 screens on November 3rd. The studio will then gauge the flick’s appeal and broaden its release appropriately as awareness builds."