Watch the Oscars Live with RT!

Will you be tuned in on Sunday night? Guess what? We will be, too!

by | February 26, 2011 | Comments

The Academy Awards are just a couple of nights away, and while we know you’re busy ordering your hors d’oeuvres platters and sewing those last few sequins onto your hottest evening gown, we’d like to take a moment to invite you to a little RT Oscar shindig of our own.

On Sunday night, as James Franco and Anne Hathaway begin delivering their opening monologue, click on over to RT’s Awards Tour HQ, where you’ll find not only the live Twitter feed from our Editor-in-Chief, who will be tweeting about the goings on directly from the Kodak Theatre in Hollywood, but also a Facebook live chat module. The rest of the RT editors will be on hand, and if no one else shows up in the chat, the whole affair will devolve into a witless war of devastating insults and crass haiku. Please don’t let that happen.

The Twitter feed and live Facebook chat modules will appear in the right side column on the Awards Tour HQ page at 4:30pm PST (in the US), just before the official festivities begin, and will remain active throughout the ceremony. So join us on Sunday, February 27, and we’ll celebrate the best in 2010 cinema together, like the happy family we are.

RT’s Awards Tour HQ