Swank Goes "Reaping" for Dark Castle

by | March 15, 2005 | Comments

The Hollywood Reporter brings us the scoop on two-time Oscar winner Hilary Swank‘s next project: the doe-eyed lass has signed up with the Dark Castle boys to star in "The Reaping," which is being described as "a supernatural tale centering on a myth debunker (Swank) who travels to a small, religious town in Texas to investigate occurrences that appear to be the 10 Biblical plagues."

Halle Berry went down this road as well, signing on for the Castle’s "Gothika" right after winning an Oscar for "Monster’s Ball." "The Reaping" began life as a spec script by Craig Rousso and is now being re-written by Chad & Cary Hayes (who recently finished work on "House of Wax," also for Dark Castle.) James Cox ("Wonderland") is on board to direct. Other flicks in the Dark Castle catalog include "House on Haunted Hill," "Ghost Ship," and "13 Ghosts."