Russell Crowe As Good Nottingham vs. Evil Robin Hood!

by | February 2, 2007 | Comments

Last time we were offered a big-budget "Robin Hood" movie, it starred Kevin Costner and his ill-fitting accent. But now comes a ‘revisionist’ take on the classic tale, only this time the Sheriff of Nottingham will get to be the good guy. Oh, and he’ll be played by Russell Crowe.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Universal won a heated bidding war between New Line and Warner Bros., but it was Uni that got the right to pay Ethan Reiff and Cyrus Voris a large sum of money. The fact that Russell Crowe is actively involved already was surely a deciding factor.

As far as directors go, THR indicates that no less than Sam Raimi, Ridley Scott, and Bryan Singer have expressed interest in helming "Nottingham," which should certainly make the young screenwriters happy. (Their "Splinter Cell" was canceled by Showtime not too long ago.) "Part of the strength of the script was the simple idea of doing Robin Hood by making the sheriff the good guy," Reiff said. "That’s something we didn’t talk (about) with anybody all the time we worked on it."

Sounds like a pretty interesting project. Who would you guys cast as a "villainous" Robin Hood?