Positive Buzz on Zhang Yimou's "Golden Flower" Starring Chow Yun Fat and Gong Li is Earned, Not Bought

by | September 28, 2006 | Comments

It’s been reported that the early (and positive) reviews for Chow Yun-Fat‘s "Curse of the Golden Flower" were bought and paid for by the film’s production company — but the actor has responded by stating that the news is entirely untrue, and he’s looking for some apologies, too.

From MonkeyPeaches.com: "Chow Yun-Fat, who plays the lead character in Curse of the Golden Flower, has officially denied through a written statement, that he had ever said individuals who gave positive reviews to the film were hired by the studio. According to the statement published on Sina.com.cn, the rumor was actually fabricated by a reporter, who failed to get a ticket to see the film. Chow had demanded the reporter and the organization the report works for to apologize to him and the production company Beijing New Picture Film Co."

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