New "Saw III" Poster, Made With Real Jigsaw Blood, Can Be Your Very Own Gross Movie Memorabilia

by | October 11, 2006 | Comments

Those crazy guys over at Lionsgate have come up with the ultimate movie poster promotion, as they have unveiled a new official poster for this month’s bloodfest, "Saw III" — and printed it with star Tobin Bell‘s own blood.

Bell, who plays sadistic mastermind Jigsaw in the "Saw" series, contributed a vial of his own blood to mix with red dyes used to print a batch of the new movie poster. In a departure from the cringe-inducing promo art of dentistry gone awfully wrong, the new "Saw III" poster is simply Jigsaw shrouded in a Little Red Riding Hood-esque cloak — but a crimson cloak printed in Jigsaw’s blood!

Tobin Bell commands you to donate blood for the Red Cross

But the bizarre stunt wasn’t just done for kicks; the first "blood poster" off the press will be signed by the cast and auctioned off, with proceeds benefiting the American Red Cross. Check out the bidding here.

Lionsgate is also hosting its third "Saw" blood drive this year (they raised over 14,000 pints in blood donations in the last two "Saw" campaigns), proving that the sick, twisted minds behind the gruesome deaths and bear traps and needle pits are really quite civic-minded.

"Saw III"’s annual blood drive; put yourself in the hands of these nurses

Check out more of the creepy, atmospheric "Saw III" Halloween Blood Drive artwork here — and, as they say, "Give ’til it hurts."

"Saw III" turns stomachs inside-out October 27, 2006.