LaBeouf Says MPAA Not the Boss of Spielberg; "Transformers" Avoids R Rating

by | March 13, 2007 | Comments

Fresh from dispelling rumors that he was all set to star as Harrison Ford’s son in next year’s "Indiana Jones IV," Shia LaBeouf has dispensed more behind-the-scenes information about a high-profile film — this time, one he definitely is a part of, summer’s Steven Spielberg-produced, Michael Bay-directed "Transformers."

According to LaBeouf, the film’s action is intense enough that Spielberg had to step in to keep the MPAA from giving it an R rating. Sci Fi Wire quotes the actor as saying:

"Spielberg fought back and got the PG-13," LaBeouf said in an interview. "It’s just because of the intensity. There are not a lot of breathers. It’s like whoosh!…Not because of the curse words or nudity, but for sheer intensity. It’s aneurysm-inducing."

Whether Spielberg actually has enough clout to boss around the MPAA, or if this is just a case of LaBeouf spending too much time at the funny-smelling end of the craft service table, is anybody’s guess — but he goes on to spill a few more details about the movie, including that "Megatron’s arm has 15,000 moving pieces," and that there’s an action sequence featuring two "40-foot machines on the 405 [freeway] boxing." In other words, it’s practically guaranteed to be better than "Masters of the Universe"!

Source: Sci Fi Wire