Justice League of America Defeated by Writers' Strike

Production apparently on indefinite hold...for now.

by | January 17, 2008 | Comments

After months of wild gossip, hundreds of anguished forum posts, and one writer’s strike, it’s come to this: Warner Bros. has apparently put George Miller‘s Justice League of America on ice.

And no, we aren’t talking about “ice” as in a touring show on skates — although that wouldn’t be the strangest JLA rumor we’ve heard. We’re talking about “on hold indefinitely.”

That’s the word from IESB, where “a call from our trusted source in Australia” confirmed the rumors that had been making the rounds since last week. According to IESB‘s source — identified as “a crew member working directly on the production team” — Justice League is in limbo at least until the writers’ strike is over. It hasn’t been completely canceled, but the production team has decided to serve the crew with one-week notices.

Depending on which set of rumors you believe, JLA was either being fast-tracked or waiting for its official greenlight, so there may not be any reason to expect immediate official confirmation from Warner Bros. — but IESB‘s sources have proven to be pretty reliable where Justice League is concerned, so after applying the usual caveats (it’s only a rumor, etc.), we’d pretty much rule out seeing this thing in theaters anytime soon.

UPDATE: Both Variety and The Hollywood Reporter are confirming IESB‘s report — click on the links below for more!

Source: IESB
Source: Variety
Source: The Hollywood Reporter