Choose Your Own "Final Destination" Adventure!

by | April 4, 2006 | Comments

New Line Home Entertainment has announced they’re bringing a new level of interactivity to DVD, with the release of a "Final Destination 3" edition that allows you to pick the fates of its doomed characters!

Going beyond the novelties of behind-the-scenes clips, interactive games, and even those highly entertaining audition tapes that have comprised many a DVD "special feature" list till now (although that Cindi Lauper music video on the "Goonies" DVD was groundbreaking), New Line is breaking new ground with the 2-disc "Thrill Ride" edition of "Final Destination 3," which will hit stores July 25.

During production on the film, the sneaky filmmakers shot entirely new scenes exclusively for this interactive DVD, so home viewers will get to choose, and then watch, their characters make choices entirely different from the theatrical version.

If this venture proves successful (and really, doesn’t it sound cool?), New Line plans on creating more super-interactive DVD versions, with other home video outlets sure to follow.

From Variety: "The "Thrill Ride" edition gives viewers seven choices at 10-minute intervals. Among the choices that pop up onscreen: "Should Wendy take another look?" and "Map" or "No Map." Viewers can also opt to see the theatrical version of the movie.

Once helmer-scribe Jim Wong wrote 25 new script pages, it was just a matter of getting the requisite budget approvals for the extra costs, which New Line pegs between $700,000 and $1 million. Pic’s budget was just under $30 million."