Check Out the International Trailer for "Die Hard 4.0"

by | February 16, 2007 | Comments

Yes, you heard me right: "Die Hard 4.0," because I doubt the title "Live Free or Die Hard" would mean a whole lot in France or Indonesia. Anyway, the international trailer is a bit shorter … but a whole lot more action-intensive.

AICN’s Merrick is the guy who found the international trailer, but a friend of mine recommended we all use this site. (Thanks, Will.) The clip is basically 90 seconds of full-bore mayhem and Bruce Willis insanity. (I notice that the international trailer features a shot of the United States Capital Building being destroyed — yet that bit was entirely absent from the American trailer. Hmm.)

I still don’t care for Justin Long‘s "Have you done this kind of thing before?" line. Way too "on the nose," if you ask me. But just you try and keep me away from this flick. Call it what you will, but the fourth "Die Hard" opens stateside on June 29th.