An Early "Making Of" Featurette On Jackson's "Kong"

by | November 1, 2005 | Comments

The Apple Quicktime site has published a rather slick little pre-release featurette that focuses on Peter Jackson‘s impending behemoth known as "King Kong." Click right here for the piece, which runs about 2.5 minutes and features some interviews with the cast and just a dash of all-new footage.

Needless to say, Jackson’s film is a remake of the classic monster movie of 1933, which was remade once before (to hilarious effect) in 1976. The new-fangled version stars Jack Black, Naomi Watts, Adrien Brody, and Jamie Bell.

And if you missed last week’s news, the new and improved "Kong" will clock in at approximately 180 minutes, so hit the restrooms before you find your seat.