"24" Movie Still Coming ... Only Not That Soon

by | February 22, 2007 | Comments

One of the "24" creators recently shared some words with iFMagazine, and of course the subject of the movie adaptation came up. Executive producer / director Jon Cassar had a few promising things to say — but I think it’s safe to assume that the "24" movie is still a long ways off.

Newsbit #1: The movie is still in the formative script stages, and Cassar says production will not begin on the next season haitus. (Which basically means it won’t start up until at least next year, I guess.)

#2: The movie will most likely take place "between seasons," which means it’ll probably work pretty well as just a stand-alone action flick. Oh, and apparently the "real-time" concept is being tossed out for the movie.

#3: No director has been chosen just yet, but obviously Mr. Cassar wouldn’t pass on the gig.

So stay patient, Bauer-fans. At least you have the TV show to keep you busy.

Source: iFMagazine.com