Surfing Vampires in "Lost Boys 2"?

by | January 16, 2007 | Comments

There’s been talk of a "Lost Boys" sequel almost as long as there’s been a "Lost Boys." But the thing never managed to get made, for one boring reason or another. But now, thanks to the magic of straight-to-video sequelizing, it sure looks like we’re gonna get one now. Probably a silly one, too.

According to, we know only two things: 1. WB allegedly has plans to do their "Lost Boys" sequel as a direct-to-video release, which doesn’t automatically mean it will stink, but it’s not exactly a harbinger of great expectations, now is it? And 2. The plot will somehow involve "surfer vampires," which doesn’t automatically mean it will stink, but it sure does sounds kinda silly.

Since this project is still firmly stuck in the pre-pre-production gossip stages, that’s all the information we have thus far, but as soon as we get some concrete info (as in: if the movie’s actually happening -or- if Corey Haim and Corey Feldman decide to sign on for another spin) we’ll be sure to let you know.