Peter Jackson Discussing "The Hobbit"!!

by | September 19, 2006 | Comments

And by "discussing" I mean "talking to AICN’s Quint about the possibility of MGM mounting a pair of Hobbit films," as was mentioned in an article earlier this week. Again: There is nothing to indicate that Peter Jackson is (or will be) connected to a "Hobbit" movie; only that MGM has announced some tentative plans … and that Pete shared a conversation about those plans.

From AICN: "QUINT: I saw in Variety that THE HOBBIT came up. The MGM thing. Did you see this?

PETER JACKSON: Where the guy who runs MGM was announcing their tentpoles and saying they were doing TERMINATOR 4 and they want me to make 2 HOBBIT films? I was reading that this morning on the net. It’s a rather strange thing to wake to. I’m up for it, but somebody should phone me because I’m getting a bit booked out at the moment!

Everybody asks me about THE HOBBIT, you know? But the reality is I’ve never had a conversation with anybody about it. Not one person has ever made a phone call to me. I don’t know. The irony is that we’re acquiring our own projects now and we’re buying the rights to books. The reality is, to be quite honest with you, we’re getting ourselves now nice and busy, in a good way, for the next 4 years. So, people have not (spoken to us) about THE HOBBIT and it’s making it more and more impossible for us to be involved."

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