Neil Gaiman to Produce Roman Dirge's Lenore Movie

The two authors will work together to bring another comic to the big screen.

by | July 22, 2011 | Comments

Neil Gaiman

Friday morning, Roman Dirge announced at his spotlight panel at Comic-Con International in San Diego that writer Neil Gaiman would be serving as the executive producer on a film adaptation of the comic series Lenore.

“One day, I cold-wrote Neil Gaiman out of the blue,” Dirge told the assembled audience. “I apparently had drunkenly sent him a script of my version of Lenore. Some people drunk tweet or drunk call, I drunk script,” Dirge laughed. Gaiman read the script and liked it enough to attach himself as executive producer. “He’s going out to find a director right now,” Dirge said.

Dirge sang Gaiman’s praises and said what a huge honor it was for the two to be working together. “He’s one of my favorite writers,” Dirge said. He expressed his disappointment with attempted adaptations of his work in the past, especially with regard to Lenore, and how excited he was to work with Gaiman. “I trust him 100 percent,” Dirge said.

When asked how he envisioned the film and how involved he would want to be with the project, Dirge said he favored CGI and would want to be involved completely, stating, “I’ve seen over the years what other people can do with your stuff.”


Written by Benjamin Bailey of Comic Book Resources.

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