Friday Harvest: Comic-Con 2010 Edition!

The week's best pictures, videos, and posters!

by | July 23, 2010 | Comments

Happy Friday Harvest, a weekly round-up of the
best pictures, posters, and videos that have become available for
viewing/download on Rotten Tomatoes. Each section features the favorite or most
interesting item we’ve
added for the week, along with several other new highlights. Enjoy!


Picture Gallery of the Week:

Comic-Con Cosplay 2010

Confused or strangely aroused by that image? Don’t be concerned: it’s just one example of the many wonderful ways in which hardcore geek fandom and weird fetishism come together, at the one and only San Diego Comic-Con. Feast upon our 2010 Cosplay for this and more such oddities, including an awesome girl with a dirty frying pan. Lady, whoever you are, we salute you.Browse the gallery.

More New Pictures

We Are the Mods

Groovy, innit
SDCC Toy Galleries

Lotso product!
The Switch

Aniston: The Basting
It’s Kind of a Funny Story


Premiere pictures


Posters of the Week:

Get Low

Duvall and Murray — Geezerrific!
View the poster.

More New Posters

Tales from Earthsea

Fron Studio Ghibli

Piranha 3D

New poster
Valhalla Rising

Poster of a reckoning


The Sorcerer’s

Final poster


Video of the Week:

Scott Pilgrim vs. the World — “The L Word”

A short but sweet clip from the film we’re dying to see.
Watch the video.

More New Videos

The Social Network

Fincher’s creepy Facebook

Vampires Suck

Twilight parody, maybe?


Franco as Ginsberg


From the mind of M. Night

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