Director of "Man Bites Dog" Dies at 38

by | September 6, 2006 | Comments

DEAUVILLE, France — Belgian director, screenwriter and actor Remy Belvaux, whose debut film "Man Bites Dog" became a cult hit, has died, his family announced Wednesday. He was 38.

A family statement said he died Monday night in Orry-la-Ville, north of Paris, but no cause of death was given. Shot on a micro budget, "Man Bites Dog" purported to be a fly-on-the-wall TV documentary about the life of a cynically jovial serial killer. The movie walks a dangerous line between black humor and abject horror as the TV crew gradually becomes more implicated in the killer’s gruesome crimes. (Charles Masters) [Thanks to the Hollywood Reporter for the news item. Click here to read the full story.]