Check Out a Clip from "Rush Hour 3"

by | April 16, 2007 | Comments

It’s really uncool to trash a movie before you see it, but based on what I’ve seen in the first two "Rush Hour" movies — combined with what I just witnessed in this brand-new "Rush Hour 3" clip — I can already tell that this sequel’s simply not for me. I’m sure New Line will really miss my eight bucks.

The gist of this "RH3" scene seems to be this: Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker are being thrown all over the room by a really tall guy while a bunch of children giggle in the background. There are a few sentences that could, I suppose, be described as "jokes," but I may be mistaken on that. (Tucker makes reference to steroids, bunions, and the proper way to say "surrender in Chinese." For this he got about 25 million bucks.)

Can you believe how much they’re paying us?

Am I nuts? Check out this clip and tell me if it makes you want to run out and buy a ticket for "Rush Hour 3," which opens on August 10th and is pretty much guaranteed to make large gobs of money, regardless of my snippy whining.

Source: Yahoo! Movies