CCH Pounder Talks Up Cameron's "Avatar"

by | May 2, 2007 | Comments

You probably know the the talented character actress CCH Pounder from her work on TV series like "ER" and "The Shield," but she’s done a good deal of movie work, too. She’s among the cast of James Cameron‘s "Avatar" and she recently shared a few tiny tidbits on that production.

In regard to who she’ll be playing in "Avatar" — "I’m playing Moha and she is the queen of the Navi nation, and so it’s an environmental love adventure in another time and space." Interesting…

On working on such a techno-centric project — "It’s a motion capture film, so it is not due out until 2009, because it is bit by bit by bit. I guess it’s like doing live animation."

On whether or not Cameron is a terror on the set — "I hear that James Cameron has a reputation as being quite a demon. And he’s kept that demon in his pocket so far."

Source: IGN Movies