AMC Theaters Refuses Admittance to "The Aristocrats"

by | July 13, 2005 | Comments

In a move described by co-director Penn Jillette as goofy and unfair, AMC Theaters has refused to book the raunchy comedy documentary "The Aristocrats." Claiming that the film seems to have "narrow appeal," AMC originally planned to play the film in Atlanta and Chicago, but then decided to avoid the engagement altogether.

Some say the movie’s "unrated" status is what’s keeping it out of the multiplexes, but AMC Chairman Dick Walsh had the final say, and, well, I guess Dick didn’t like the movie.

So barring some sudden turn of events, movie fans, you might have to trek a few extra miles if you want to check out "The Aristocrats" when it opens on 7/29 (NY & LA) and 8-12 (limited). (And trust me, it’s worth the drive.)

[Ed: Check out filmmaker Penn Jillette’s letter of appeal in the Production Notes.]