A Few New "Bat" Bits

by | May 1, 2007 | Comments

Looks like we have a little Bat-news today with word from character actor Rutger Hauer, some info on an open casting call, and a spoiler involving the batmobile!

Sadly, it looks like the services of actor Rutger Hauer will not be needed in "The Dark Knight." (He played the jerk businessman who tried to oust Bruce Wayne in "Batman Begins.") Mr. Hauer was attending a comic con when he was asked if he’d be reprising that role. His response was "I have not gotten the call yet." Too bad.

By the way, do you live in or around Chicago? Would you like to play a "victim" or a "perpetrator" in Christopher Nolan‘s "The Dark Knight"? If so, check out the info on the open casting call at IGN Movies. Apparently there’s going to be a few sequences of total chaos, and the production might need YOU to be a paid extra. Good luck! (A friend of mine was a paid extra on "The Road to Perdition," but his scene got cut from the movie.)

At the same source you’ll find a semi-spoiler regarding Batman’s favorite mode of transportation. Suffice to say the ol’ Tumbler is about to need some serious body work.

Source: IGN Movies