2013 Fall TV Preview

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The leaves are changing colors, the NFL is in full swing, and the summer movie season is a distant memory. That’s right: it’s autumn, which means it’s time for television to take center stage in the entertainment universe. Thankfully, we at Rotten Tomatoes have a handy list of what’s hot on the small screen, a lineup that includes intriguing newbies (Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., Hostages), critical favorites (The Walking Dead, Homeland), and old faithfuls (Law & Order: SVU, Grey’s Anatomy). Check out RT’s Fall 2013 Preview for a full rundown of what to watch this season!

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2 Broke Girls Season 3 – CBS – Mondays 9pm – Premieres 9/23
After their cupcake business failed last season, it’s back to square one for Max and Caroline.

Almost Human (new) – Fox – Mondays 8pm – Premieres 11/4
This sci-fi cop drama stars Karl Urban as a cop and Michael Ealy as his android partner.

American Dad! Season 10 – Fox – Sundays 9:30pm – Premieres 9/29
This tenth season of Seth McFarlane’s other show will be its last on Fox, before it moves to TBS for a planned eleventh season.

American Horror Story: Coven Season 3 – FX – Wednesdays 10pm – Premieres 10/9
The third season of the horror anthology is about the coven that survived the Salem witch trials, but is in jeopardy once again.


Arrow Season 2 – CW – Wednesdays 8pm – Premieres 10/9
The series about the DC Comics hero returns with more adventures. The Queen family name has been tarnished, as Oliver makes the transition from vigilante to outright hero.

Back in the Game (new) – ABC – Wednesdays 8:30pm – Premieres 9/25
James Caan plays a loutish ex-baseball player who takes in his former all-star softball player daughter (and divorced single mom) , and they team up to coach a little league team.

Beauty and the Beast Season 2 – CW – Mondays 9pm – Premieres 10/7
More secrets will be revealed about both Cat and Vincent in this updated take on the classic fairy tale.

Betrayal (new) – ABC – Sundays 10pm – Premieres 9/29
A powerful lawyer is having an affair with a married woman, and he’s defending a murder suspect that’s being prosecuted by the woman’s husband. What a small world!

The Big Bang Theory Season 7 – CBS – Thursdays 8pm – Premieres 9/26
Can Leonard and Penny weather a four-month separation? Will Sheldon and Amy ever get intimate? Answers may be forthcoming this season?

The Blacklist (new) – NBC – Mondays 10pm – Premieres 9/23
James Spader stars as a notorious fugitive that offers to help the FBI catch other major criminals, on the condition that he only works with a rookie agent of his choosing.

Blue Bloods Season 4 – CBS – Fridays 10pm – Premieres 9/27
New partners and new family arguments are in store for this clan of (mostly) cops.

Bob’s Burgers Season 4 – Fox – Sundays 8:30pm – Premieres 9/29
This season finds Bob teaching home economics, Linda sings at her high school reunion, and the whole family works on a Super Bowl ad.

Bones Season 9 – Fox – Mondays 8pm – Premieres 9/16
After a long-smoldering relationship, Booth and Brennan may finally, actually get married. Oh, and cases will still get solved, too.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Brooklyn Nine-Nine (new) – Fox – Tuesdays 8:30pm – Premieres 9/17
Andy Samberg is a childish detective with an uptight partner and a tough, by-the-book captain (Andre Braugher).

The Carrie Diaries Season 2 – CW – Fridays 8pm – Premieres 10/25
This prequel story to Sex and the City returns for a second season, and will show the beginning of the long friendship between Carrie and Samantha.

Castle Season 6 – ABC – Mondays 10pm – Premieres 9/23
Last season ended with Castle proposing to Beckett, who was considering a job offer in DC. This season starts with her answer and its consequences.

Chicago Fire Season 2 – NBC – Tuesdays 10pm – Premieres 9/24
This drama about one station’s firefighters and paramedics returns for its sophomore season.

The Crazy Ones (new) – CBS – Thursdays 9pm – Premieres 9/26
Robin Williams and Sarah Michelle Gellar play father-daughter partners at an ad agency. Guess which one is the crazy one.

Criminal Minds Season 9 – CBS – Wednesdays 9pm – Premieres 9/25
The team of FBI profilers gets a new boss and new cases (of course).

CSI: Crime Scene Investigation Season 14 – CBS – Wednesdays 10pm – Premieres 9/25
The long-running police procedural opens with a frenzied search for Ellie and Morgan, but there may not be a happy ending for the CSI team.

Dads (new) – Fox – Tuesdays 8pm – Premieres 9/17
Two successful videogame developers (Seth Green and Giovanni Ribisi) have their lives turned upside down when their fathers (Peter Reigert and Martin Mull) move in with them.


Dracula (new) – NBC – Fridays 10pm – Premieres 10/25
The original vampire is back in this updated take on the Bram Stoker story.

Eastbound & Down Season 4 – HBO – Sundays 10pm – Premieres 9/29
Kenny Powers is alive, and not everyone is happy about it. The fourth season will be the show’s last.

Elementary Season 2 – CBS – Thursdays 10pm – Premieres 9/26
This updated version of Sherlock Holmes returns for a second season, and finds Holmes and Watson in London, and we meet Sherlock’s older (and smarter) brother Mycroft.

Enlisted (new) – Fox – Fridays 9:30pm – Premieres 11/8
Three very different brothers, all in the US Army, are surprised to find out they’ve all been stationed at the same military base in Florida.

Family Guy Season 12 – Fox – Sundays 9pm – Premieres 9/29
In this season, the Griffin’s will go to Italy, Cleveland will return to Quahog, and Seth MacFarlane has said that a member of the Griffin family is slated to die (DUN-DUN-DUNNNNNN!!!!)

Glee Season 5 – Fox – Thursdays 9pm – Premieres 9/26
For the fifth season, the musical series will start off with a two-part Beatles tribute, and then you can expect the show to address the loss of the late star Cory Monteith.

The Goldbergs (new) – ABC – Tuesdays 9pm – Premieres 9/24
Jeff Garlin and George Segal star in this nostalgic sitcom set in the 1980s.

The Good Wife

The Good Wife Season 5 – CBS – Sundays 9pm – Premieres 9/29
Alicia (Julianna Margulies) has a new law firm and a new resolve to keep her marriage together, but it’s not going to be easy in this fifth season.

Grey’s Anatomy Season 10 – ABC – Thursdays 9pm – Premieres 9/26
The medical drama returns for a tenth season, and find Meredith (Ellen Pompeo) figuring out life as a new mother.

Grimm Season 3 – NBC – Fridays 9pm – Premieres 10/25
This third season of the supernatural cop show starts with the threat posed by the zombie hordes seen at the end of last season, and we’ll see new monsters as well.

Hart of Dixie Season 3 – CW – Mondays 8pm – Premieres 10/7
Zoe comes back to Bluebell after spending the summer in New York, and new characters will cause new tensions.

Hawaii Five-0 Season 4 – CBS – Fridays 9pm – Premieres 9/27
The tropical cops will see new alliances and new conflicts, set against one of the most beautiful places in the world.

Hello Ladies (new) – HBO – Sundays 10:30pm – Premieres 9/29
Steve Merchant (co-creator of The Office) stars as a British expat looking for love in that den of iniquity called Los Angeles.

Homeland Season 3 – Showtime – Sundays 9pm – Premieres 9/29
The critically-acclaimed CIA drama starts off with a Senate inquiry into the catastrophic events from last season.

Hostages (new) – CBS – Mondays 10pm – Premieres 9/23
Toni Collette plays a surgeon scheduled to operate on the President, and whose family has been abducted. Naturally, the kidnappers are going to make her choose between her loved ones and the leader of the free world?

How I Met Your Mother Season 9 – CBS – Mondays 8pm – Premieres 9/23
In this final season, we’ll see Barney and Robin’s entire wedding weekend, and Ted will finally meet his wife.

Ironside (new) – NBC – 10pm – Premieres 10/2
Blair Underwood stars as a wheelchair-bound detective in this updated take on the 60s detective series that starred Raymond Burr.

Last Man Standing Season 3 – ABC – Fridays 8pm – Premieres 9/20
Mike is still the odd man out in his own home this season, but he might see some relief when Willie and Uncle Si from Duck Dynasty make an appearance.

Law & Order: SVU Season 15 – NBC – Wednesdays 9pm – Premieres 9/25
The season premiere starts off right after last season’s cliffhanger, with Detective Benson (Mariska Hargitay) held hostage by a murderer and rapist.

Lucky 7 (new) – ABC – Tuesdays 10pm – Premieres 9/24
Seven co-workers in Queens hit it big in the lottery, and find out that sudden wealth has its own challenges. Like the man said: mo money, mo problems.

The leaves are changing colors, the NFL is in full swing, and the summer movie season is a distant memory. That’s right: it’s autumn, which means it’s time for television to take center stage in the entertainment universe. Thankfully, we at Rotten Tomatoes have a handy list of what’s hot on the small screen, a lineup that includes intriguing newbies (Marvel’s Agents of S.H.E.I.L.D., Hostages), critical favorites (The Walking Dead, Homeland), and old faithfuls (Law & Order: SVU, Grey’s Anatomy). Check out RT’s Fall 2013 Preview for a full rundown of what to watch this season!

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Marvel's Agents of S.H.E.I.L.D.

Marvel’s Agents of S.H.E.I.L.D. (new) – Tuesdays 8pm – Premieres 9/24
Agent Phil Coulson (back from the dead!) heads an elite team of agents to tackle new cases and a proliferation of super-powered individuals.

Masters of Sex (new) – Showtime – Sundays 10pm – Premieres 9/29
Michael Sheen and Lizzy Caplan star as Dr. William Masters and Virginia Johnson, who were pioneers in the study of human sexual response.

The Mentalist Season 6 – CBS – Sundays 10pm – Premieres 9/29
The identity of serial killer Red John will be revealed this season.

The Michael J. Fox Show (new) – NBC – Thursdays 9pm – Premieres 9/26
Michael J. Fox stars in this show based on his own experiences. He plays news anchor trying to work again after being diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease, and juggling work and family all over again.

The Middle Season 5 – ABC – Wednesdays 8pm – Premieres 9/25
For the fifth season, young Brick gets a new principal, who will be played by SNL alum Rachel Dratch.

The Millers (new) – Thursdays 8:30pm – Premieres 9/26
Nathan Miller (Will Arnett) tells his parents about his divorce, and his father (Beau Bridges) promptly files for divorce too. Hilarity (hopefully) ensues!

The Mindy Project Season 2- Fox – Tuesdays 9:30pm – Premieres 9/17
Yes, there’s a wedding in the works, but no, Mindy probably won’t actually get married.

Modern Family Season 5 – ABC – Wednesdays 9pm – Premieres 9/25
There’s a new baby this season, and in light of the Supreme Court ruling on DOMA, it’s a good bet that there could be a wedding in the cards for Cam and Mitchell.

Mom (new) – CBS – Mondays 9:30pm – Premieres 9/23
Anna Faris plays a newly sober single mother looking for a new start in Napa Valley, while trying to rebuild her relationship with her own mother (Allison Janney).

Nashville Season 2 – ABC – Wednesdays 10pm – Premieres 9/25
The hit musical drama (starring Connie Britton and Hayden Panettiere as rival country music stars) returns for more music and more intrigue.

NCIS Season 11 – CBS – Tuesdays 8pm – Premieres 9/24
Last season concluded with agents turning in their badges and Gibbs with a sniper rifle, but the team will have to get back together for more cases, right?

NCIS: LA Season 5 – CBS – Tuesdays 9pm – Premieres 9/24
Last season’s cliffhanger will get resolved, and someone might be leaving the team before this season is over.

The Neighbors Season 2 – ABC – Fridays 8:30pm – Premieres 9/20
The series about a suburban family surrounded by extraterrestrials returns for a second season.

New Girl

New Girl Season 3 – Fox – Tuesdays 9pm – Premieres 9/17
Nick and Jess are dating now, but Schmidt is going to sabotage them at every turn.

Once Upon a Time Season 3 – ABC – Sundays 8pm – Premieres 9/29
This latest season of the fairy tale adventure series introduces Neverland, so we can expect to meet Peter Pan and Tinker Bell.

Once Upon a Time In Wonderland (new) – ABC – Thursdays 8pm – Premieres 10/10
This spin-off of Once Upon a Time is based on Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, and the series starts with Alice locked away in an asylum.

The Originals (new) – CW – Thursdays 9pm – Premieres 10/3
This spin-off of The Vampire Diaries is about the Mikaelsons, the first vampires in the Diaries world.

Parenthood Season 5 – NBC – Thursdays 10pm – Premieres 9/26
New jobs, a new baby, and maybe a wedding are just some of the storylines to expect this season.

Parks and Recreation Season 6 – NBC – Thursdays 8pm – Premieres 9/26
This season will see the departure of Chris (Rob Lowe) and Ann (Rashida Jones) but on the plus side, Ron Swanson is going to be a father!

Person of Interest Season 3 – CBS – Tuesdays 10pm – Premieres 9/24
The Machine seems to be getting smarter than anyone thought possible, and Finch may no longer be in control of it.

Raising Hope Season 4 – Fox – Fridays 9pm – Premieres 11/8
There will be new schemes for Virginia and Burt, and appearances from Arrested Development’s Jeffrey Tambor and SNL alum Molly Shannon.

Reign (new) – CW – Thursdays 9pm – Premieres 10/17
This period drama is about the early reign of Mary, Queen of Scots. Teen Wolf star Adelaide Kane stars as the doomed queen.

Revenge Season 3 – ABC – Sundays 9pm – Premieres 9/29
Emily/Amanda’s vendetta against the Grayson family continues, as new characters enter the mix this season.

Revolution Season 2 – NBC – Wednesdays 8pm – Premieres 9/25
The power came back on at the end of last season, now the race is on to turn it back off in the face of a missile attack.

Scandal Season 2 – ABC – Thursdays 10pm – Premieres 10/3
Olivia is struggling to be a better person, but some of the decisions she made last season are going to make that difficult.

Sean Saves the World (new) – NBC – Thursdays 9pm – Premieres 10/3
Sean Hayes stars is a divorced gay dad with a 14-year-old daughter who has just moved in with him.

The Simpsons Season 25 – Fox – Sundays 8pm – Premieres 9/29
The longest-running scripted, prime time show in history returns for its twenty-fifth season. This season’s guest stars will include Zach Galafianakis, Daniel Radcliffe, Gordon Ramsay, Rachel Maddow, Kristen Wiig, Anderson Cooper and Stan Lee (just to name a few).

Sleepy Hollow

Sleepy Hollow (new) – Fox – Mondays 9pm – Premieres 9/16
Ichabod Crane wakes up after 130 years to find a world he doesn’t recognize. Worse yet, the horseman he took down over a century ago is back, and heads are rolling. See our interview with Sleepy Hollow co-star Orlando Jones.

South Park Season 17 – Comedy Central – Wednesdays 10pm – Premieres 9/25
Only ten episodes are slated for this shortened season, but that’s better than nothing, right?

Super Fun Night (new) – ABC – Wednesdays 9:30pm – Premieres 10/2
Rebel Wilson is one of three friends that have set aside Friday nights to stay in together for the last 13 years. Their first Friday out is going to be something they’ll never forget.

Supernatural Season 9 – CW – Tuesdays 9pm – Premieres 10/8
A host of angels got expelled from Heaven last season, so obviously they’ll cause plenty of trouble for Sam and Dean this season.

The Tomorrow People (new) – CW – Wednesdays 9pm – Premieres 10/9
This series about a group of young people with special powers is based on a British television series with the same name.

Trophy Wife (new)- ABC – Tuesdays 9:30pm – Premieres 9/24
Malin Akerman plays a reformed party girl trying deal with her new husband’s ex-wives and their children.

Two and a Half Men Season 11 – CBS – Thursdays 9:30pm – Premieres 9/26
Jake is gone (and Angus T. Jones may not be returning), so the “half” will now be Charlie’s long-lost lesbian daughter, played by Amber Tamblyn.

The Vampire Diaries Season 5 – CW – Thursdays 8pm – Premieres 10/3
A new showrunner takes over the reigns of the series, but the vampiric turmoil should continue.

The Walking Dead Season 4 – AMC – Sundays 9pm – Premieres 10/13
The walkers are starting to overrun the prison, and the Governor is still out there, somewhere?

We Are Men (new) – CBS – Mondays 8:30pm – Premieres 9/30
After a groom-to-be is left at the altar, he is rescued from despair by three divorced men (Tony Shalhoub, Kal Penn and Jerry O’Connell).

Welcome to the Family (new) – NBC – Thursdays 8:30pm – Premieres 10/3
A young, Stanford-bound Latino man decides to marry his pregnant Caucasian girlfriend. Since they’re both just out of high school, neither family is particularly happy about the situation.

White Collar Season 5 – USA – Thursdays 9pm – Premieres 10/17
Last season ended with Peter arrested for murder, and Neal will have to decide if he’s going to go back to his old life or try and try and make it work with his new handler.

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