2019 Fall TV Survey

The best of fall TV — according to Rotten Tomatoes users.

The number of scripted television series keeps shooting ever higher, with new, well-funded streaming services coming online almost faster than we can keep up with them. English-language scripted original series hit another record in 2018 at 495, and 2019 is expected to see more than 530.

So we enlisted the help of Rotten Tomatoes users to tell us what you’re most looking forward to this fall, which sees both Disney+ and Apple TV+ joining the fray.

You told us that you subscribe to Netflix (83%), Amazon Prime Video (74%), and Hulu (51%). You also told us that 56% of you are most interested in subscribing to Disney+, while another 29% of you aren’t interested in subscribing to another streaming service at all!

What was your most anticipated fall 2019 TV show and which new series are you most interested in? Read on to find out! And come back as we roll out more results from our 2019 Fall TV Survey.

Disagree with our survey results? Tell us about your TV habits in the comments.

Survey Results

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