Dude! It's the 15 Manliest Movies Ever!

by | July 29, 2010 | Comments

There’s a certain kind of movie that appeals to our manliest of sensibilities; movies that ooze an alpha brand of machismo like so much hard-earned sweat. And when we go to these movies, we like to watch men of action. Men who won’t back down. Men with huge, rippling, inconceivable muscles, finely-honed fighting skills, and sharpshooting precision. Little kids admire them. Villains revile them. Women desire them. They are the roughest, toughest, sweatiest, and coolest guys to ever grace the silver screen.

With that in mind, we at RT have manned up and compiled a list of the movies’ most manly men. So listen up, maggots, ’cause here come the most macho, mantastical men of your wildest mantasies.