"X-Men: The Last Stand" Seven Minute Clip To Air Tonight

by | May 11, 2006 | Comments

Those of you who can’t wait until "X-Men: The Last Stand" opens in two weeks will be excited to see a seven-minute exclusive clip from the mutant blockbuster airing tonight!

Fox will treat X-Fans to seven minutes of footage from the third (and final) "X-Men" flick, tonight; tune in to Fox at 8:30/7:30 Central between viewings of "That 70’s Show" for a taste of the upcoming Brett Ratner installment.

Storm (Halle Berry) and Wolverine (Hugh Jackman) are taking a stand!

If you miss it on television, Fox will have the clip up at http://www.dell.com/x-men, where big mutant nerds can also enter in a drawing to win a custom Dell XPS "X-Men: The Last Stand" Collectors Edition desktop, worth a mind-fragging $10,000 and decorated in "X-Men 3" images.


Win the contest and Mystique could be yours…painted on your desktop.

If you’d rather not spoil yourself with the "X-Men" clip, you can always head over to our mutant photo gallery to peruse character shots and stills, or re-watch the trailers, here!

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