WB Readies Ian Fleming Biopic

by | October 13, 2005 | Comments

If you thought all the 007 buzz was focused on the new James Bond hired for "Casino Royale," think again. According to Variety, Warner Bros. & Sony are planning a biopic of Bond creator Ian Fleming.

""Fleming" tells the story of how the author’s own experiences with womanizing and spying shaped his signature secret agent creation.

Born into a privileged English family, Fleming began as a comparative underachiever until a stint as a journalist covering the Soviet Union led him to begin spying on that country for the Foreign Office. Fleming was the mastermind of numerous clever spying schemes, some deemed too outlandish to use. He dreamed of becoming a daring secret agent and adapted his own womanizing feats and the stories he heard to craft the Bond novels.

"He was an extraordinary thinker who helped shape what the modern spy was, both in his work at MI6 and in his novels," (screenwriter Andrew) Lazar said.

Lazar also is producing another pic on a classic secret agent for Warners, "Get Smart," with Steve Carell attached."

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