Van Damme Won’t Be in "Rush Hour 3," Darnit

by | November 28, 2006 | Comments

Anyone out there hear a rumor about Jean-Claude Van Damme signing on to play a role in "Rush Hour 3"? Hmm. Apparently the aging action star has, but he was kind enough to squash that rumor … before anyone heard about it.

From Empire Online & Dark Horizons: "Van Damme’s rumoured inclusion was due to a passing joke he made that gotten taken out of context apparently and was blown-up by the media.

He told Empire Online that "It was just a comment, a joke, that I made during an interview. I said, ‘We’ve got Jackie (Chan), we’ve got Chris Tucker — what about me, making it a trio?’ And this became something"."

Click here for the rest of the piece, in which J.C. insists that he wouldn’t even want a part in "Rush Hour 3." Yeah, right.

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