Travel the World With Indiana Jones!

Use RT's map to re-discover all of Indy's earthly exploits.

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With Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull

Wednesday, there’s no better time than now to revisit the globe with our favorite archaeologist!
With our interactive map, we suggest
starting in Indy’s home country
and then
embark on his legendary journeys told across five continents, a dozen
artifacts, and countless frequent flyer miles.


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New York

More than justice, adventure, and beating up Nazis, Indiana Jones is a
champion of higher learning. It’s here at Barnett College that, after
fending off a routine throng of enthusiastic archaeology students, Jones
received his father’s Holy Grail research diary and
sets off to
Venice, Italy
to find him.

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Washington, D.C.

After recovering
the Ark of the Covenant, Indiana Jones and Marion Ravenwood make their way
back to the United States. Though Jones is reassured “top men” are
researching the Ark in Washington, D.C., it currently remains lost in a top
secret warehouse and with the government blissfully unaware of the Ark’s
potential. We’re sure the Nixon administration would’ve found a use for it
with pesky hippies.

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What kind of upbringing do you need to one day turn into a guy like Indiana
Jones, anyways? For your answer, take a peek at Utah circa 1912: a distant
Scottish pa, a dog sidekick, the Boy Scouts, a lot of mountains to explore,
and a passing circus train to find your weapon of choice and develop a snake
phobia on one fateful convenient day.

San Francisco

Did Indiana Jones
leave his heart in San Francisco? Nope. (Though almost in India at
Temple of Doom
.) Indy’s visit to San Francisco is a brief one, with only
enough time to hop on a plane to pay Marion Ravenwood
a visit in Nepal.



Marion’s Bar

Between landing in Nepal and
jet-setting for Cairo
to find the
Well of Souls, Jones gets slapped by ex-flame Marion Ravenwood, discovers a
key artifact, and survives a firefight with Toht (the Peter Lorre-esque Nazi
stooge) and his band of thugs. Just another day in the office for Indy.

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Wherever Indy’s adventures may take him, you can bet friends and accomplices are never far off. He has sidekicks in China, teaching peers in America, and in Egypt, there’s the jolly excavator, Sallah. He’s especially valuable in a city like Cairo, what with its large population of sword-wielding thugs and Nazi turncoat monkeys, and has proven to be one of Indy’s most reliable chums (helping him uncover the Holy Grail, along with Ark of the Covenant in nearby Tanis).

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About 80 miles northeast
of Cairo lay the ruined city of Tanis, which, according to Indy mythology,
was buried in a sandstorm and uncovered by Germans in 1936. More
importantly, Tanis is the fabled location of the Ark of the Covenant. Here,
Indy embarks on one adventure after the other: using Marion’s medallion to
find the location of the Ark, uncovering the Ark in the snake-infested Well
of Souls, dispatching a Bald Bull-esque Nazi, and single-handedly taking
over a truck before ultimately heading
into the Mediterranean to open the



Secret Nazi Island

As we’ve all learned from
world history, Indiana Jones movies, and Wolfenstein 3D, Nazi
resources were nearly limitless. Behold: their secret island in the
Mediterranean Sea near Greece, where they can conduct secret experiments and
tamper with supernatural forces. Such as…screwing around with the Ark of the
Covenant and subsequently melting and exploding some of your best men.
Needless to day, God dealt the Third Reich a major blow here.

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The only
time X does mark the spot? At Venice during The Last Crusade, where
Indy discovers the entrance to Sir Richard’s tomb underneath a library tile
marked with the Roman numeral for 10. Indy and Elsa Schneider, his Venice
liaison, plumb the catacomb depths and discover the location of the Grail,
but a trip to Venice ain’t complete until you hit the water: Indy engages in
a punch-out on a speeding motorboat before
heading to Austria

to find his kidnapped father.

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Around the
same time the von Trapps were bringing down the house in Salzburg, Austria,
another family was just getting it back together. In this gothic castle on
the Austria/Germany border, Indy briefly reconciles with his father, Henry
Jones, finds out his employer and latest flame are both in cahoots with the
Nazis, and then makes
a run for Berlin, Germany
in a thrilling
motorcar chase.

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Even with the country nearing its fanatical height of National
Socialism, Indiana and Henry Jones still manage to sneak in a good time in
Berlin. They recover Henry’s Holy Grail research diary, take a zeppelin
ride, fly a biplane, and even get Der Fuehrer’s John Hancock. After papa
Jones uses a Charlemagne-inspired solution to scare birds into the
propellers of a pursuing fighter plane, father and son
journey down to
to find the Holy Grail.

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Republic of Hatay

The residing place of the
Holy Grail. Hidden in the Canyon of the Crescent Moon and guarded by a
knight of the First Crusade. In one of Indy’s most triumphant moments, he
deciphers all of the Grail’s riddles and saves his father, though the bad
guys meet no shortage of grisly ends: decapitation, falling rocks, tumbling
into murky crevasses, and melting away into dust, the consequence of having
chosen… “poorly.”

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Unusual for the Indy series,
The Temple of Doom
opens indoors at a nightclub. One of Indiana Jones’s sidekicks buys the farm here, but in what Indy loses, the man gains in… Wilhelmina ‘Willie’ Scott, terminally shrieky night singer of Club Obi-Wan. Along with his feisty kid buddy, Short Round, the three leave China and take
an unplanned detour into India where hard child labor, hearts, monkey brains, and casually racist overtones await.

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With its desolate villages, disobedient
elephants, and non-Kosher food menus, it’s hard to imagine why anyone would
want to visit the Indian state of Pankot. (Besides the fact that it’s
fictional.) Hard-nosed travelers like Indiana Jones, however, will find that
underneath the opulent Pankot Palace is a hidden amusement park, where kids
and parents can get some exercise and watch parlor tricks like removing a
beating heart from a man’s chest, keeping him alive, and then putting said
heart on magic fire.

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Portuguese Coast

Portugal. It’s a country renowned for its culture, Mediterranean
climate, and wine — none of which Indy experienced when, in 1938, he snuck
onto a boat off the Portuguese Coast to steal back an artifact stolen from
his home state. In addition to the rough seas, outmaneuvering a gang of
crooks, and recovering the Cross of Coronado, Indy’s Portuguese adventure
also gave one of his best conversations with an evildoer (amusingly credited
as Panama Hat):

Indiana Jones: That belongs in a

Panama Hat: So do you!

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A Jungle

Poison darts, spiky corpses, and tarantula infestations — now who
wasn’t begging their parents to take the next family vacation in Peru? It
was here that Indiana Jones embarked on one of his most famous quests,
uncovering inside this South American jungle a temple, a golden idol, and a
really, really big rock. Indigenous to this jungle are the Hovitos, a proud, scantily clad people who unfortunately are easily seduced by well-dressed Frenchmen.

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