Thorough Breakdown of the New "Spider-Man 3" Trailer

by | March 5, 2007 | Comments

Sony unleashed an exclusive new "Spider-Man 3" trailer for the 2007 WorldCon attendees (lucky jerks!), and suffice to say the viewers were pretty darn excited by what the villainous Venom character looks like.

Seems that new clip collection recycles a bunch of stuff we’ve already seen before, but there’s a bunch of brand-new Venom footage that’s sure to tickle the fanbase. IGN Movies has the full-bore trailer deconstruction, but they warn of a few spoilers, so tread lightly. Here’s just a snip: "Suddenly, Brock looks up and it’s the Venom that we all know — slithery, pointed white eyes and sharp fangs. The creature jumps at the camera then… cut to black."

Don’t be sad. We promise to get new SM3 pics soon.

I realize that reporting on a report about a promotional trailer is just a tiny bit … much, but hey, it’s a "Spider-Man" movie. Geeks like me love this stuff. (Flick opens on May 4th.)

Source: IGN Movies

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