This Car is "Fantastic" 4 Driving to Your Next Villain Battle

by | December 1, 2006 | Comments

If I spent an entire news post telling you about this nifty new car I just bought, you’d probably be very bored and a little annoyed. But what if I told you the "Fantastic Four" just got some new wheels? Oh THEN you’d be all excited…

…or maybe not. Either way, the very large movie prop looks suitably slick and entirely capable of transporting such a self-admittedly "fantastic" group of friends. USA Today has your first look at the Fantasticar, which you can check out right here.

From USA Today: "The vehicle, a staple of the Fantastic Four comic books, ranks right up there with the Batmobile and Ghost Rider’s flaming motorcycle as the wheels of choice among comic devotees.

But translating the flying car from the page to the big screen was no small effort, says Tim Flattery, conceptual artist for the Fantastic Four sequel, which hits screens June 15. He showed several designs to director Tim Story, including one based loosely on the Batmobile, which he designed for 1995’s Batman Forever.

But Story rejected the designs as "too aggressive," Flattery says. "He wanted something that looked less like a predator and more friendly. That’s always been the Fantastic Four theme."

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"Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer" opens on June 15th.

(Oh, and sorry about the pun in the article title. Really awful.)