The New Michael Myers Has Been Cast!

by | December 20, 2006 | Comments

No, not the spooky "Halloween" stalker who wears a mask throughout the story … the kid! Yep, Rob Zombie has chosen a diminutive devil named Daeg Faerch to play the youthful version of the legendary babysitter killer.

You won’t know the kid unless you watch some really obscure horror indies, but here’s what has to say about the casting decision: "It was reported yesterday via IMDB that Daeg Faerch would be playing a Michael Myers (age 10) in Rob Zombie’s "Halloween," which begins lensing in January. Today we received official confirmation from Zombie himself confirming the rumor!"

OK, so it’s minor news, sure — but I know there’s lots of Zombie fans out there. So click here to see what the kids looks like.