"Tarzan" Director Gets "Enchanted"

by | May 26, 2005 | Comments

Variety shares some good news for director Kevin Lima. Disney was looking for a filmmaker to bring their "Enchanted" project to life, and seeing as the movie is a combination of live-action and CGI, Lima proved to be a perfect fit. He’d already proven himself with the animated "Tarzan" and the (mostly) live-action "102 Dalmatians," so the combined experience earned him a pretty plum gig.

The "Enchanted" screenplay was originally written by Bill Kelly before it went through about seven years worth of rewrites and revisions. But Mr. Kelly is back on board to bring the screenplay up to speed, and Disney plans to get production rolling this September. The plot of "Enchanted" focuses on "a wannabe-princess who’s banished from the animated world of Andalasia to a place where there is no true love: real-life New York. There she has to rescue herself and find her true love."