"Sin City 2" to Begin Production in June

by | April 9, 2007 | Comments

It’s a question that’s come up at least a thousand times as Robert Rodriguez hit the interview circuit to promote "Grindhouse" — When’s production going to begin on "Sin City 2"? And now we seem to (maybe) have an answer.

There’s actually very little to report aside from the sentence "Rodriguez said production starts in June," to be honest. Oh, and also that "Sin City" could actually make the leap into a television series. Cool. (Might I recommend HBO?)

Guess which one of these guys will be back for the sequel.

And that’s all we got, sketchy news-wise. If the report is accurate and "Sin City 2" is ramping up for a June production, you can of course expect a lot of casting reports, updates, and random what-not as it becomes available. (For example, this post could be described as "what-not.")

Source: Movieweb

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