Sigourney Weaver Still Hopeful About Further Alien Adventures

by | December 7, 2004 | Comments

IGNFF‘s Jeff Otto sat down for a chat with classy leading lady Sigourney Weaver, and since Jeff is a smart movie geek, he directed the conversation away from the "Imaginary Heroes" junket for a few minutes so the conversation could focus on potential "Alien" concepts: "Ridley Scott and I have talked about doing one more where we go back to the original planet and see what these creatures came out of. But, I think that it would be probably unlikely that a major studio would go for it, only because one of the lead characters would be a fifty-five-year-old woman…I’m not going to sit down and write the whole script. And I didn’t rush to see ‘Alien Vs. Predator‘, which looked kind of awful to me, like a video game. But I just hope that the Alien won. The Predator’s such a stupid looking creature." Check out FilmForce’s interview for even more from the statuesque alien asskicker.

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