Shawn Ashmore Ponders "X-Men" Sequel Possibilities

by | November 16, 2006 | Comments

The net has been buzzing about the "Wolverine" prequel since Hugh Jackman has been on the PR circuit for four consecutive films in a month, but the other X-men deserve some love too. Like Shawn Ashmore, who plays Iceman. He’s available.

"I have a contract if they make another one that I have one more film," Ashmore said. "There are sort of rumors about an ‘X-Men 4′ or something like that but as far as I’ve been told, ‘X3‘ was going to be the last sort of big, ensemble ‘X-Men‘ movie. I would love if they made another one but I’m not sure that they will."

Kitty Pryde (Ellen Page) and Iceman (Ashmore) in "X-Men: The Last Stand"

It doesn’t have to be "X-Men 4" though. There is more than one spin-off in the works, and a proposed Mutant Academy movie might have a place for young Iceman. "I didn’t know that there were any," Ashmore confessed.

"I’ve heard rumors on the internet about a young mutant spinoff but that’s so created on some chat board somewhere," he continues. "It could be real, it could have leaked from somewhere but as far as officially from the people that are actually making the movies, I haven’t heard anything like that. I know they’re doing a ‘Wolverine‘ prequel and I heard a rumor, and this isn’t for sure, about a ‘Magneto’ film but those are all in the past, like prequels and origin stories."