Sandler To Channel Jim Carrey in "Bedtime Stories"?

by | July 5, 2007 | Comments

Adam Sandler has his own brand of comedy and scripts are usually tailored to him. His next movie, "Bedtime Stories," feels more like someone else’s style, according to director Adam Shankman. Sandler plays a father whose bedtime stories to his kids begin to come true.

"Bedtime Stories would really be more characterized as a Jim Carrey kind of a movie," said Shankman. "There are a lot of fairy tale elements and CG like a knight in shining armor slaying CG monsters. And then it’s a really ‘Liar Liar‘ energy. It’s a what if kind of a movie. So I think he just wants to do something different and he really trusts me."

Sandler with Kevin James in this month’s "I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry"

Usually an edgy comedian, Sandler is adjusting well to Shankman’s family friendly vibe. "He’s fitting in really well right now. The two of us are like crazy getting along. I never saw myself as part of that world. It’s such a dude world and he is evolving. He just had that baby and that baby is the center of this world, and I think he wants to make this movie for Sadie."