Roth Wants Full Length "Thanksgiving" for "Grindhouse 2"

by | May 4, 2007 | Comments

Despite problematic box office results, fans are still clamoring to see the fake trailers from "Grindhouse" as feature films. Edgar Wright has plans to expand "Don’t," and Eli Roth thinks his "Thanksgiving" would make the perfect double feature.

"I already talked with Edgar Wright about Edgar doing ‘Don’t’ and me doing ‘Thanksgiving,’" said Roth. "We’re talking to Dimension about it. I think they’re still trying to figure out ‘Grindhouse 1′ before we think about ‘Grindhouse 2,’ but I’ve already been working on the outline for it and I would do it in a heartbeat."

An aficionado of ’80s horror films, Roth would do it old school style. "The catch is that me and all my friends who are in our 30s, we all have to play high school students, because that’s how they did it in ’80s horror movies."

Roth could write a full script for "Thanksgiving," but the outline is likely to be sufficient. "We have the outline, the story ideas but part of the fun of Grindhouse is actually not having a script. I wouldn’t want to write it too detailed. You’ve just got to work out the kills and then see who’s around and grab a camera and have fun."

The director has no fears about the "Grindhouse" label, even though The Weinstein Company seems blindsided by the public response. "My feeling is that three and a half hours, it was a long time at the movies for people. The movie itself was three hours and 15 minutes and then there’s 20 minutes of trailers and then parking and everything, it suddenly became a four hour evening for people. So there’s only so many times you can show it in a day and a lot of people getting off work, it was tough for people to find the time to see it. The people that saw it loved it. People were going crazy for it and I think that 25 years from now, everyone will talk about the classic movie Grindhouse and no one will talk about, the words box office disappointment won’t even apply. I think the guys made a brilliant film and they should be commended for it and they took a risk."

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