Rosario Dawson Strips Down for Sin City 2

by | March 27, 2007 | Comments

With its revolving characters weaving in and out of its various stories, "Sin City‘s" movie sequel promises to bring back some of the favorites from the original. Rosario Dawson is definitely coming back as Gail.

"Oh, she’s coming back with the same outfit and probably something less," said Dawson. "I was talking to Nina Procter on this because she’s also the costume designer on Sin City and we were like, ‘I’m going to be down to a thong and pasties because how do I outdo that outfit?’ Luckily, Frank really loves drawing her, maybe not so luckily he likes drawing her in that outfit so I’m pretty much in all the books and we’re going to be doing A Dame to Kill For which is sort of a prequel to The Big Fat Kill, which is the storyline that I was in before."

A Dame to Kill For will actually portray some of the events referenced in the first Sin City. "That dialogue conversation that I have briefly with Clive Owen’s character about ‘I got you a new face and this is how you repay us. You haven’t come back here in so long.’ It’s actually talking about what that story is. It’s going to be very interesting and the scope is different because it’s not three different books put together. It’s one. So it’ll have a more traditional story arc."

Dawson goes back to the green screen stage for the sequel, but expects the end result to look even cooler. "It’s going to be done exactly the same but I think probably even more superiorly just because now we know what we’re doing. So it’s pretty cool. I think it’s going to be really interesting to see Robert take a second stab at it."