Quick "Indiana Jones 4" Update: Shooting Begins in June!

by | January 2, 2007 | Comments

Just a few days ago we shared the news that George Lucas was (finally) happy with the "Indiana Jones 4" screenplay, and also that production was set to begin next year. Well now we have a small piece of updated news: Production on "Indy 4" will begin in June!

From The Hollywood Reporter: "After years spent in script development, a fourth installment of the famously successful franchise is set to begin production in June in locations around the world and in the U.S." (Full story here.)

The screenplay that everyone’s so pleased with came from David Koepp, the man who wrote (or co-wrote) stuff like "War of the Worlds," "Spider-Man," "Panic Room," and "Jurassic Park."

As earlier reported, the flick will most likely hit screens in May of 2008. Bring it on!