Poster Breakdown: X-Men: Days of Future Past

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There was a veritable onslaught of X-Men: Days of Future Past this week. Naturally, while most of the chatter fell on the explosive trailer, the new poster Fox put out also has its share of talking points. Read on for a character breakdown of the ensemble cast posters, as well as a few hypotheses on where these superhero and villains can take the story. Spoilers from the previous X-Men movies ahead.

Click for a large version of the poster.


Portrayed by Hugh Jackman

Previous appearances: X-Men, X2, X-Men: The Last Stand, X-Men Origins: Wolverine, X-Men: First Class, The Wolverine

Wolverine’s adamantium skeleton and healing factor elects him as the only eligible mutant capable to endure time travel. In addition, Logan’s future mind will meld with his 20th century form, presenting a fun acting challenge for Jackman.


Portrayed by Jennifer Lawrence

Previous appearances: First Class

Lawrence’s meteoric rise to stardom has given her visual second billing on the poster. Mystique the shapeshifter was an initial ally of Charles Xavier, and by the end of First Class, had sided with Erik Lehnsherr in his bloody campaign against humanity.

The Sentinels

Invented by anti-mutant military scientist Bolivar Trask (Peter Dinklage), these enormous iconic robots enforce their prime directive with extreme prejudice, driving the mutants underground and then subsequently deep into the past.

Charles Xavier

Portrayed by James McAvoy

Previous appearances: First Class

The telepathic Xavier succeeded in putting an end to Sebastian Shaw’s plan for World War III. But the price of a victorious
First Class was costly: Xavier became paralyzed from the waist down, and a catastrophic rift had formed between “good” and “evil” mutants.

Erik Lehnsherr

Portrayed by Michael Fassbender

Previous appearances: First Class

As Xavier sets the wheels in motion for his School for Gifted Youngsters and the founding of the X-Men, Xavier’s moral foil Lehnsherr continues to vow survival of mutantkind no matter the human cost. The prophecy of a Sentinel-overrun future forces him to consider teaming up with Xavier once more.


Portrayed by Halle Berry

Previous appearances: X-Men, X2, The Last Stand

Storm, master of weather, returns to the series after The Last Stand. Storm’s new haircut calls out her punk look from the 1980s comics, giving her a tougher look and, functionally, increased mobility in hand-to-hand combat.


Portrayed by Bingbing Fan

A mutant with teleportation abilities, Blink’s poster appearance suggests her role is bigger than previously thought. Blink is primarily known from the Exiles comic book series, teleporting to different versions of reality that have gone off script and are headed for destruction. Her goal is to identify what has gone wrong in these alternate universes and set them right, in hopes of restoring balance to the multiverse.

Blink’s introduction to the X-Men movies could open a whole can of wormholes. In her comic universe, for example, Magneto quit being a villain, hooked up with Rogue, and together had a son who eventually became an early Exiles member. What do you think of Blink? And any ideas on her possible role in Future Past?

Professor X

Portrayed by Patrick Stewart

Previous appearances: X-Men, X2, Last Stand, Origins, Wolverine

High-level telepathic leader of the X-Men. Seemingly eliminated from the scene after the events of The Last Stand, Professor X puts in a cameo in The Wolverine and playfully chides Logan (along with the audience) on his apparent resurrection: “As I told you a long time ago, you are not the only one with gifts.”

Kitty Pryde

Portrayed by Ellen Page

Previous appearances: Last Stand

Before her current powered-up Ellen Page form, Pryde was a background character in the first two X-Men movies, played by different performers. Pryde then upgraded to a pivotal role in Last Stand and, in the Future Past comics, was the one to time travel to present day and warn the X-Men of things to come.


Portrayed by Daniel Cudmore

Previous appearances: X2, Last Stand

Colossus is a mutant who can transform his skin into indestructible metal. His role tends to be drastically different across the different Marvel comic universes, including that of Kitty Pryde’s lover, or openly gay superhero – any of which could influence the character’s development in the Future Past movie.


Portrayed by Nicholas Hoult

Previous appearances: First Class

Wry, fur-covered mutant with super smarts, agility, and strength. Kelsey Grammer, who portrayed Beast in The Last Stand, is set for a cameo in Future Past.


Portrayed by Ian McKellen

Previous appearances: X-Men, X2, Last Stand, Wolverine

The X-Men’s main antagonist, quick to presume that the best way to deal with humans and their narrow minds is simply killing them. He and Professor X approach Logan in The Wolverine, warning of dark times ahead, presumably referencing the events that shall unfold in Days of Future Past.

X-Men: Days of Future Past is in theaters May 23. What direction do you think the film (and the rest of the series) will take?

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