Oldman to Get "Sirius" Once Again for Potter 5

by | March 23, 2006

Dark Horizons shares some scoopage from HPANA (a serious Harry Potter fansite) and it’s something that’ll no doubt please the hardcore Harryheads: Gary Oldman has signed to reprise his role of Sirius Black in the upcoming "Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix." (Apparently there was some controversy regarding Oldman’s return, but the deal seems to be signed and sealed.)

"Gary Oldman’s manager Douglas Urbanski has confirmed that the actor is now set to reprise his role as Sirius Black in "Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix", a deal having been concluded this morning.

The news ends months-long confusion and speculation about the role as Warners has remained surprisingly quiet on the whole issue of Oldman returning to the role despite very vocal and public commentary from fans to Oldman’s manager himself."

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