Nolan Talks (Vaguely) About "The Dark Knight"

by | August 30, 2006

He doesn’t give up much in the way of information, but director Christopher Nolan recently had a brief "Dark Knight" chat with’s Melissa Greenwood — and obviously when Mr. Nolan speaks, movie geeks listen.

From "Talking about the follow-up, in which Heath Ledger will play The Joker opposite Christian Bale, he mentioned that they’re changing things up. "I think what people responded to well about "Batman Begins" is how different it was from their expectations so I think we would be foolish to not recognize that and to [try to replicate that now predictable blueprint]. I think we’ll be doing something very different for the sequel. I certainly wouldn’t have any interest in trying to repeat experience or the formula we’ve made, because particularly being the origin story, it’s a very unique thing, a very singular experience. My interest would sort of be to move on from that and to do something quite different."

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