Nasty, Spooky, Old-School "Grind House" Posters!

by | August 9, 2006 | Comments

We’re obviously going to have a lot more "Grind House" reports to look forward to between now and next April, but hey, when you’ve got Robert Rodriguez and Quentin Tarantino working on a horror flick throwback epic … the fans will want to be kept up-to-date. For example, check out a trio of fantastic old-school "GH" posters right here at RT…

Rotten Tomatoes’ "Grizzly" went ahead and posted a nifty little blog entry in which all three of the "Grind House" teaser posters can be found, and you can check ’em out right here. Those of you old enough (like me) to remember the 70s-style schlock posters will undoubtedly get a kick out of these new one-sheets … and the Griz really likes the "Death Proof" one!

Debuting next April 6th, "Grind House" is an anthology-type horror flick that promises to be pretty darn cool. I’d rattle off the cast list, but it seems to keep fluctuating every few weeks. I do know, however, that Kurt Russell is playing a psycho — which is awesome!

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