McDowell Says Zombie's "Halloween" Remake To Be A Trilogy

by | May 10, 2007 | Comments

While the notion of Rob Zombie‘s "Halloween" remake may divide fans, the idea of a remake trilogy must be at the very least interesting. Let’s just hope they don’t remake "Season of the Witch."

"I’ve signed for three," said Malcolm McDowell, who is playing Dr. Loomis. "How about that? They obviously think it’s going to be a big hit."

Having never seen a "Halloween" movie before, McDowell is confident that his portrayal of Loomis will be unique. "I have to tell you that I’ve never seen Halloween 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 or 7. I must be one of the only people on the planet never to have seen any of the films and I’m so glad because I asked the director, Rob Zombie, whether he thought I should see them and he said, ‘No, better no.’"

A still from Rob Zombie’s "Halloween"

Though friendly with Donald Pleasance in his life, McDowell never managed to catch his friend’s iconic role. "I could imagine him playing Loomis of course with that sinister thing that he has but it’s a new look, it’s a reinvention of it and he is completely different, my Loomis, I presume. So I guess there will be some people that will be sort of disappointed if they think I’m just going to copy him because I’m not."

McDowell was also informed that there were 8 "Halloween" movies before this remake. "Well, I’m obviously talking to an expert."