Jennifer Beals Has a "Grudge" 2

by | February 10, 2006 | Comments

Fans of J-horror remakes that star former TV slayers will be pleased to know that "The Grudge 2" is coming together in short order. The latest cast member to join the shriek show is former Flashdancer Jennifer Beals … but don’t ask us who she’ll be playing, because the producers are keeping a lot of details under wraps.

From The Hollywood Reporter: "Jennifer Beals has come aboard "The Grudge 2," Columbia Pictures and Ghost House Pictures’ sequel to the 2004 horror hit. Amber Tamblyn is starring in the film, which is being directed by Takashi Shimizu and produced by Sam Raimi, Rob Tapert and Taka Ichise. The sequel delves into the secrets behind the grudge’s wrath and introduces a seemingly unrelated host of characters who find themselves connected by the curse. Details about Beals’ character are being kept under wraps, though it is known she incurs the wrath of the grudge."

Presently scheduled for an October 20th release, "The Grudge 2" will also include Arielle Kebbel and Teresa Palmer among the terrorized. Returning from the first installment (well, the remake, anyway) are Sarah Michelle Gellar and screenwriter Stephen Susco.