Jackson Discusses "Snakes on a Plane" With Ellen (Includes Film Clip)

by | May 10, 2006 | Comments

In an appearance on "Ellen," Samuel L. Jackson discussed "Snakes on a Plane," the hotly-anticipated upcoming film that features snakes… on a plane.

YouTube.com has two clips of the interview, in which Jackson says the filmmakers were thinking of changing the title because it gave too much away, something he found objectionable. "People want to see snakes on a plane!" he told host Ellen DeGeneres. "I signed on to do ‘Snakes on a Plane!’ I want people to know that when they come to this movie, you’re gonna see snakes, and you’re gonna see people trapped on a plane with snakes!"

The interview also features a scene from the film and some behind-the-scenes footage. Check out the clips here and here.

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