"G.I. Joe" is Coming! Plus Some ... Board Game Movies

by | June 5, 2007 | Comments

Looks like "G.I. Joe" just took another step closer to becoming an actual movie — plus we can expect a whole bunch of Hasbro-type games to hit the screens soon!

According to Variety, Hasbro and the William Morris Agency have just partnered up in an effort to turn a bunch of properties into TV shows, movies and video games. Properties like G.I. Joe, Monopoly, Trivial Pursuit, Clue, Candy Land and the Ouija Board.


"Our focus is on creating immersive brand experiences for Hasbro’s brands," said Brian Goldner, the toymaker’s chief operating officer, who is also an exec producer on "Transformers."

Which is another way of saying "We want to make a lot more money." Their first project will be teaming with Paramount and producer Lorenzo Di Bonaventura on the "G.I. Joe" movie.

Apparently the toy company is shooting for something akin to Marvel’s media saturation. OK, fine, "Candy Land" could probably make for a half-decent kids’ movie, and I suppose you could maybe make a real estate comedy called "Monopoly" — but "Clue" has already been done, and so has the Ouija Board (done to death, one might say). And a movie version of "Trivial Pursuit" would be just that: a trivial pursuit.

Source: Variety