Get Ready to Meet Disney's "Robinsons"

by | November 2, 2005 | Comments

The Disney Power Board has scored the first image of the entire (animated) cast from Walt Disney Pictures’ "Meet the Robinsons," coming in 2006.

The fantastic world of William Joyce’s beloved 1990 book "A Day with Wilbur Robinson" comes to life in this comedy-adventure tale that follows one fateful day in the life of a boy-genius who creates a mysterious machine with one fantastic purpose — to recover the lost memory of the past. What he unlocks instead is time itself, and a visit with a future, a family, and a world whose survival all depends upon him.

The "Meet the Robinsons" cast pic and material from several other Disney Animation projects are up at The Disney Power Board. Their scoop includes early peeks at "Toy Story 3," "Rapunzel Unbraided," "American Dog," and more.