Comic-Con 2009 News Desk, Day 3! (10:30 pm EST, Last Update)

All the latest major and fun convention announcements, up to the minute!

by | July 25, 2009 | Comments

Welcome to RT’s Comic-Con 2009 news page! Every day, we’ll
create and update a page as breaking news and items of note hit the Internet. Check out yesterday’s full news page, and then read Jen’s very detailed impressions.

Now, here’s day three’s notables and quotables so far:

  • QUOTES, ROBERT RODRIGUEZ: Speaking to Jen, the director of Sin City and the forthcoming Shorts discussed how he takes inspiration for his family films from his children. “It’s as close as you get to going back in a time machine and interviewing yourself at that age, of what you find entertaining,” he said. (10:30 pm)
  • CLIP, SOLOMON KANE: Scenes from Michael J. Bassett’s adaption of Robert E. Howard’s famed warrior screened; several posters for the the sword-and-sorcery flick were also unveiled. James Purefoy stars in the movie, which doesn’t have a release date yet. (10:22 pm)
  • NEWS, ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT: On the panel for Mike Judge’s Extract, Jason Bateman said the Arrested Development movie is still on the table. Bateman said while plans are concrete, there is a strong likelihood the film will take shape within the next year. (7:00 pm)
  • NEWS, FOUNDATION: In an interview to promote the forthcoming 2012, Roland Emmerich said scribe Robert Rodat (Saving Private Ryan, The Patriot) is adapting Isaac Asimov’s Foundation trilogy for the screen. Earlier this year, Columbia announced Emmerich would be directing the film. (6:15 pm)
  • NEWS, THE HOBBIT: At the panel for District 9 Friday, Peter Jackson told the crowd he’s about three or four weeks away from finishing a draft of The Hobbit script. Though he’ll be turning it in to Warner Bros., the project hasn’t been greenlit yet, so Jackson has no actors attached to the movie. However, he said it would be made as a two-part film. (5:40 pm)